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Bankruptcy Questions

How am I supposed to pay you your fees if I am going Bankrupt? I have no money?

We keep our fees as low as we possibly can, with having very low overheads. We offer a payment plan option for you to pay at your own pace. The real question is: For Example? Can I afford to pay $400 to clear $50,000 worth of debt and start a fresh financial future? The answer to that is generally YES.

How much debt do I need to have to Declare Bankruptcy?

You can declare yourself bankrupt with any amount. Every person’s circumstances are unique. Someone may only have $3000 worth of debt, but they are unable to find even $5 a week to pay that off. So any amount is OK!

Can I still have credit if I am Bankrupt?

Yes, you are still able to apply for credit to the amount of $3,000. The Institution that you apply through will do their own credit checks though. So it is NOT guaranteed that you will be accepted.

Does being Bankrupt stop me from applying for Rental properties and Utilities?

NO, being bankrupt does not stop you from applying for Utilities or Rental properties. You may however, be asked to pay extra bond or Security, this is for the Lender to cover themselves.

How long does this process take?

That depends on you. Generally though, it takes on average around 3- 10 working days. BUT it can take as little as 2 days.

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